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Why Wonderpups?

Life with a puppy can feel overwhelming, exhausting, painful (watch those teeth!) but also wonderful, rewarding and life changing all at once. We are here to help the journey go that bit smoother.

With years of experience in behaviour science, we know what works and most importantly what will help you build a strong bond with your new family member. We help you understand how puppies learn, using only positive and ethical methods.

We do not support any other
methods of training.

How We Help

Bespoke Training

Every puppy is unique and deserves a unique approach. We cater to the specific needs of YOUR puppy as well as your preferences and lifestyle. Not every puppy needs to learn how to sit (shock and horror!).

We Come to You

No need to head out to a class at 7pm on a Wednesday evening, when you would actually rather stay at home binge watching Netflix! We are based in Richmond, SW London, and cover most surrounding areas.

Separation Anxiety

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How do I teach my puppy to be happy when left?”. Luckily we are experts in this area. We also help older dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, via our virtual programme.

Science Based

Behaviour is a natural science, like physics and chemistry. And just as we use science to explain how an apple falls from a tree, we can use science to explain and influence behaviour. So let’s put our lab coats on and get cracking!

Ongoing Support

Following our sessions we provide detailed instructions and handouts to ensure you feel confident with the training we have covered in our sessions. If you have questions in between sessions, we are just a message away.

Qualified & Certified

We are proud to have completed the Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Professional programme (this is why we have fancy letters after our name). The Karen Pryor Academy holds one of the highest standards in the industry. It is the Harvard of dog training.

We. Are. Obsessed. With. Puppies.

Who isn’t? Get in touch today,
your puppy really wants you to!

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