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Hanna Ascough

KPA-CTP (she/her)

Growing up in Sweden, I always had a love of animals. Dogs, cats, horses and bunnies all played a huge part in my life. In fact, there was that one time when I was sold two “female” rabbits, and unknowingly became a rabbit breeder!

Fast Forward

Fast forward to when I got my dream dog, Blake, 6 years ago. I loved everything about the process, preparing for his arrival, watching endless videos about training and reading all the books. I took the responsibility of taking on a puppy very seriously, wanting to do everything right by Blake. Eventually, I enlisted the help of a fantastic dog trainer who opened up the world of reinforcement based training to me. Safe to say I became obsessed. Completely consumed with the world of animal behaviour, I found it hard to think of anything else. This lead my partner to say “Why don’t you just do this for a job?”. I couldn’t think of a reason not to.

Beginning my studies in Sweden, I went on to train with some of the leading behaviourists in the field including; Chirag Patel, Sarah Whitehead, Sarah Fisher and also completed Dr. Susan Friedman’s course, Living and Learning with Animals.

I am also very proud to be a graduate of The Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Professional Programme, an incredibly rigorous programme within the animal training sector. During the programme I was also able to train my beloved rescue hamster Francis, as the second species which was required for the course. It was an incredibly fun challenge, which further honed my training skills and appreciation for animal behaviour and care. Hamsters are seriously underrated animals! Furthermore, I am currently completing a Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science and Technology with the Companion Animal Science Institute (CASI). I am also a ABTC registered Animal Training Instructor.

I am committed to providing the highest level of service for my furry and non-furry clients, which means I am always engaging with the most current research and methodology by attending seminars, conferences and any other learning I can engage with.

Blake is still the inspiration for everything I do. As anyone who owns a dog knows, it is a love like nothing else and I cannot wait to shape that bond with you and your own puppy.

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Our premium online service that is designed to ensure your dog is happy and capable of being left on their own. Through a bespoke, comprehensive and unique programme you will be supported and guided through the steps that will give you your freedom back!

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